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This free eBook gives you:

  • 37 interesting things to post to your Facebook profile or page that will engage your fans.
  • Simple ways to add and edit images for posting on Facebook.
  • Ideas for when to make certain types of posts.
by Andrea Stenberg, social media coach

What I hear all the time is:

  • “It takes too long to use Facebook and LinkedIn. I just don’t have the time.”
  • “I know Facebook is a great place to connect with teenagers, but my customers are in their 40s and 50s. I don’t know where to find them.”
  • “I have a LinkedIn profile but I’ve never gotten a single piece of business from it.”

You’re not alone! I’ve helped 100s of business professionals like you easily attract more ideal clients using effective social networking strategies.

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“I hired Andrea to help me set up my Facebook page and design a strategy for marketing my mortgage broker business on Facebook.

I recently got my first client from Facebook. It was one of the easiest deals all year. From first contact to completion of the deal took only 2 weeks. The client was easy to deal with and happy to work with me.

The deal was worth $1,500 for me. I wish all my dealings with clients went as smoothly as this one.”

Chris Genova, Mortgage Intelligence [/features_box_yellow]

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“If anyone is looking for guidance on how to use LinkedIn and social media to grow their business, Andrea is the business coach to connect with!”

Boris Mahovac, [/features_box_yellow]

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“Andrea assisted us in explaining the LinkedIn process and how it would help us grow our contacts even after 20 years in business. A good example of this is the connection we received that tied us to a photographer who has nothing to do with our business, but in turn had connections that lead to a couple of strong referrals for work.
Dave Kuhl, Kuhl Machine Shop Ltd [/features_box_yellow]